Must-Pull Modifiers and Tier List in Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer’s gacha system throws you into a thrilling vortex of possibilities, with countless Modifiers waiting to empower your Functors. But navigating this vast pool of potential can be daunting. Fear not, fellow Aether Gazer, for this guide will illuminate the most essential Pull Modifiers and equip you with a comprehensive tier list to maximize your gacha endeavors!

Must-Pull Modifiers and Tier List in Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer, a dynamic and ever-evolving mobile game, has captivated players worldwide since its global launch.

The journey through Aether Gazer has been marked by the introduction of game-changing modifiers that significantly influence gameplay and the evolving meta.

Let’s delve into the memorable milestones players have encountered on this exhilarating adventure:

S Hera and Hades

At the inception of Aether Gazer Global, the spotlight shone on two standout modifiers: S Hera and Hades.

These characters swiftly ascended the ranks, becoming top priorities for players seeking to enhance their gameplay.

S Hera

Emerging as the quintessential support character, S Hera became a linchpin for team compositions, earning her the must-have status among serious players.

Her support abilities, featuring crucial healing and energy generation, solidified her place as an indispensable asset to any squad.


On the flip side, Hades seized the limelight as the premier DPS (Damage Per Second) modifier.

Her unparalleled damage output and combat prowess positioned her as the go-to choice for players tackling challenging content with efficiency.

The launch meta was undeniably shaped by the dominance of S Hera and Hades, prompting players to strategically allocate their premium currency for their respective banners.


Post-S Hera and Hades banners, Oceanus graced the scene.

While not overshadowing his predecessors, Oceanus brought a breath of fresh air with a distinctive playstyle.

Oceanus introduced a novel combat approach, focusing on controlling water-based attacks and excelling in crowd control.

His versatility and engaging gameplay quickly earned him a spot as a popular choice among players.

Some astute players wisely invested their standard vouchers in Oceanus, recognizing his potential to add depth to team composition strategies.

Who’s Next in Aether Gazer?

Aether Gazer keeps players on their toes, constantly speculating about the next game-changing modifier. With each update, a new wave of contenders emerges, each with distinct strengths and playstyles that promise to reshape the meta. Let’s delve into the potential candidates and unveil who might be the next must-pull in Aether Gazer:

Anubis: Shadowy Promise

Anubis, shrouded in cool aesthetics and formidable strength, is a popular choice for standard banner tickets. He offers a captivating combination of visual appeal and raw power, making him a tempting choice for players seeking both style and substance. While not quite a game-changing force like some limited characters, Anubis’ strong abilities and captivating design make him a valid option, particularly for those looking to bolster their lineup with a well-rounded modifier.

S Hera: A Classic Returns

Rumors abound of S Hera’s return to the global server, and for new players, she remains a top priority. Her support abilities are unparalleled, making her a game-changer and an essential component of any strong team. For those who missed her initial banner, S Hera should undoubtedly be the recipient of their precious limited vouchers. Her impact on team compositions and overall gameplay cannot be understated.

S Thor: Electrifying Potential

With Christmas fast approaching, S Thor is poised to dazzle players with both her stunning appearance and electrifying power. This visually breathtaking modifier promises to be a top-tier DPS character, capable of unleashing devastating attacks upon her foes. While undeniably tempting, S Thor’s value will ultimately depend on individual needs and team compositions. For those seeking a powerhouse DPS, particularly during the holiday season, she may be the perfect choice.

Jin Wu: Flame Sparking Curiosity

Jin Wu, freely available in the 2.0 update, presents an intriguing proposition. This flame-wielding DPS character has the potential to outshine other fire-based modifiers, making her a valuable asset for players building flame-focused teams. While accessible to all, Jin Wu’s potential impact on team composition may influence decisions regarding other flame modifiers.

Geng Chen: Captivating Aura

Geng Chen, with her innovative gameplay and unique support-DPS hybrid role, stands as a strong contender for the title of the next must-pull modifier. She embodies the perfect blend of innovation, versatility, and captivating design. For players seeking a game-changing modifier who pushes the boundaries of conventional roles, Geng Chen presents an unparalleled opportunity. Her adaptability and impact on team compositions solidify her as a top choice for those aiming to conquer the ever-evolving world of Aether Gazer.

Tier List Breakdown

S-Tier: The Stellar Performers

  • Oceanus: A wave of pure enjoyment washes over me whenever I unleash Oceanus’ torrent of attacks. His immense damage output is matched only by his captivating gameplay, making him a must-have for any player seeking both power and fun.
  • Hades: For those who prioritize efficiency above all else, Hades reigns supreme. Her raw damage and potent team buffs are undeniable, making her the ideal choice for swiftly conquering even the most challenging content. However, her gameplay might feel less engaging compared to other Modifiers.

A-Tier: The Rising Stars

  • Athena: This formidable goddess delivers a thunderous punch with her devastating attacks. Her unique gameplay style and synergy with other Olympus gen Zone characters make her a captivating addition to any team.
  • Anubis: Anubis’ high damage output and engaging gameplay are complemented by a valuable team buff on his ultimate. When paired with Basset, these two Modifiers become an unstoppable force, solidifying his position in this tier.
  • Osiris: The undying pharaoh offers both immediate utility and future growth potential. His recent enhancements and synergy with upcoming characters like Thor make him a forward-thinking investment.

B-Tier: The Solid Support

  • Leviathan: The undisputed queen of healing, Leviathan provides comfort and security to new players struggling with challenging content. Her ability to heal and reduce damage makes her an invaluable asset to any team.
  • Skadi: This icy warrior combines decent damage with crowd control abilities, making her a versatile choice for various situations. While awaiting a significant improvement in future updates, she remains a solid option for players seeking a well-rounded character.
  • S Shu: Shu’s strength lies in her high damage output. However, her clunky stance-switching mechanic can be challenging to master. Experienced players who enjoy mastering complex gameplay mechanics may find her rewarding.
  • Murdok: The jack of all trades, master of none. Murdoch’s versatility offers stunning, crowd control, and damage increase abilities, making him a well-rounded character for players who value diversity over specialization.

Special Mentions

  • Hela: The subject of heated debates among players, Hela offers exceptional damage but at the cost of less engaging gameplay. This “love-it-or-hate-it” Modifier deserves a special mention due to its unique position in the meta.
  • Hera: An undeniable powerhouse of support, Hera’s utility transcends the confines of any tier. Her ability to fit seamlessly into any team composition makes her a truly exceptional Modifier, deserving of recognition beyond the established tier system.

This list reflects my personal experiences and observations. As you delve deeper into the world of Aether Gazer, you might discover different strengths and weaknesses in these Modifiers, shaping your own personal ranking system. The beauty of this game lies in its diverse cast and the endless possibilities for experimentation and discovery.

Team Recommendations

T1- Dominance Through Synergy: Izanami, Mitsuha, and Ling Guang

This team composition revolves around the captivating Izanami, a Modifier who shines in both damage and utility. Her unique abilities and animation set her apart, making her a force to be reckoned with. Mitsuha’s presence complements Izanami’s power perfectly, offering crucial support and amplifying her performance. The synergy between these two is further enhanced by Ling Guang, whose versatile support capabilities benefit the entire team. This balanced combination of damage and support solidifies their position as a top-tier choice.

T2- Unleashing Skadi’s Potential: Skadi, Mitsuha, and Ling Guang

Skadi’s tier placement may vary depending on specific conditions, but under the right circumstances, she can reach the coveted T0.5 tier. This team composition unlocks her true potential, utilizing the support of Mitsuha and Ling Guang to create a synergy that elevates her effectiveness. Mitsuha’s partnership is key to this success, as her abilities complement Skadi’s kit and enhance her damage output. Ling Guang’s consistent support further strengthens the team, ensuring their overall performance remains high.

T3- Unstoppable Force: Jin Wu, Geng Chen, and Ling Guang

For free-to-play players, the arrival of Jin Wu is a blessing. Her high damage output and captivating animations make her an exciting choice, cementing her position as a reliable DPS option. Geng Chen’s presence complements Jin Wu’s strengths perfectly, forming a devastating damage duo. Together, their synergy creates an unstoppable force that decimates any adversary. Ling Guang’s unwavering support ties the team together, ensuring their stability and effectiveness.

These are just a few examples of the many potent team compositions that can be discovered within the world of Aether Gazer.

Best Teams for Gen Zone Simulation

Olympus: A Crucible for Damage Dealers

The Olympian peak demands raw power. Modifiers within this Gen Zone are forged in the fires of war, boasting unparalleled offensive prowess. Ling Guang and Jin Wu, masters of elemental annihilation, exemplify the epitome of Olympian might. Their devastating attacks cleave through foes effortlessly, leaving enemies in their wake. To conquer Olympus, build teams with potent DPS and consider support Modifiers who amplify their destructive potential. Remember, in the face of Olympian fury, only the mightiest prevail.

Shinou: The Dance of Control and Strategy

Within Shinou’s swirling winds, speed and precision reign supreme. Modifiers here are not merely warriors, but artful tacticians, weaving intricate webs of control and manipulation. Izanami, a master puppeteer of the battlefield, embodies the essence of Shinou. Her skills effortlessly sway the tide of battle, leaving enemies entangled in a web of their own demise. To navigate Shinou’s treacherous terrain, prioritize Modifiers with crowd control abilities and survival tools. Remember, the path to victory in Shinou lies not in brute force, but in cunning strategy and unwavering control.

Yggdrasill: Embracing the Unforeseen

Yggdrasill’s enigmatic depths hold secrets untold. The challenges here are unpredictable and ever-shifting, demanding adaptability and resourcefulness. Thor, Flame Tyr, and Hell, masters of improvisation, excel in Yggdrasill’s volatile environment. Their versatile toolkits and adaptability allow them to navigate the unexpected with ease. To conquer Yggdrasill, embrace flexibility and prioritize Modifiers who can react to changing conditions. Remember, in Yggdrasill’s ever-shifting landscape, only the open-minded and adaptable shall prevail.

Nile: Where Support Becomes Strategy

The Nile’s nurturing waters foster a different kind of strength. Here, teamwork and coordination are paramount. Modifiers within this Gen Zone excel at bolstering their allies, turning them into unstoppable forces. Poseidon and Hades, masters of support and control, exemplify the Nile’s strategic prowess. Their abilities provide a vital lifeline to their allies, ensuring their survival and maximizing their potential. To conquer the Nile, prioritize Modifiers who can manipulate the battlefield and empower their allies. Remember, in the Nile’s cooperative environment, victory hinges on unwavering support and strategic synergy.


The ever-shifting sands of the Aether Gazer meta demand constant vigilance and strategic adaptation. As Anubis, S Hera, and S Thor loom on the horizon, one name shines brightest: Geng Chen.

This versatile powerhouse brings a potent cocktail of damage and support to the table, effortlessly weaving between roles as the situation demands. Her presence disrupts the existing landscape, beckoning players to reevaluate their team compositions and embrace new possibilities.

But fear not, fellow Aether Gazers! The choice of your next modifier is not simply dictated by the meta’s whims. Whether your ambition lies in conquering the mythical peaks of Olympus, facing the trials of Shinou, or venturing into uncharted Gen Zones, your personal preferences hold equal weight.

Do you yearn for the raw, unadulterated power of Anubis? Or perhaps you seek the steadfast support and resilience of S Hera? S Thor’s unparalleled speed and agility might be your calling, or maybe the enigmatic beauty of Geng Chen’s hybrid role sparks your imagination.