Beginner Guide to Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Welcome to Snowbreak: Containment Zone, a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by hostile robots and mutants. As a newly recruited Wanderer, you must navigate this unforgiving landscape, build alliances, and unlock your true potential to survive. This guide will equip you with the essential knowledge to overcome the early challenges and thrive in the harsh realities of Snowbreak.

Combat Essentials

Your Arsenal: Tools of the Trade

  1. Operatives: Assemble a diverse team of four Operatives, each specializing in distinct combat styles and skills. Balance your squad with DPS powerhouses, resilient tanks, and versatile support roles for maximum effectiveness. Experiment with their Neuronics skill trees to enhance their strengths and unlock devastating combos.
  2. Weapons: Choose weapons that synergize with your Operatives’ skillsets. Focus on upgrading and optimizing your arsenal, prioritizing Tier 5 weapons for maximum damage output. Consider specializing in ranged assault rifles for versatility, shotguns for close-quarters dominance, or sniper rifles for precision attacks.
  3. Logistics: Equip your Operatives with powerful Logistics sets, offering enhanced stats and valuable combat bonuses. Prioritize sets like Amaterasu for raw DPS, Heimdall for survivability, or Artemis for tactical support. Remember, synergy is key, so choose sets that complement your team’s overall strategy.

Battlefield Tactics: Strategies for Survival

  1. Master Cover: The Wastelands are littered with environmental hazards and enemy firepower. Utilize cover mechanics to your advantage, minimizing incoming damage and flanking enemies for surprise attacks.
  2. Target Prioritization: Learn to identify and eliminate high-threat targets first. Eliminate snipers before they cripple your squad, target medics to disrupt enemy healing, and focus on shielded enemies later, once their defenses are breached.
  3. Movement and Positioning: Stay mobile and avoid predictability. Dodge incoming attacks, flank enemies while they’re focused on your allies, and utilize the environment to your advantage.
  4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Communication and coordination are vital. Utilize your Operatives’ unique skills in tandem, revive fallen comrades, and strategize against different enemy types to overcome any challenge.
  5. Presence Management: Presence acts as your energy reserve for special skills and Operative revivals. Don’t waste it on trivial encounters; prioritize key moments in battles and challenging fights.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Combat Knowledge

  1. Weapon Fusion: Unlock hidden potential by fusing duplicate weapons. This grants access to powerful skill upgrades and boosts their overall effectiveness.
  2. Elemental Weaknesses: Exploit enemy vulnerabilities with elemental damage. Fire melts frost armor, electricity disrupts robotic shields, and so on. Adapt your weapon and skill choices to maximize damage against specific foes.
  3. Ultimate Abilities: Time your Operatives’ ultimate skills strategically. Unleashing them at the right moment can turn the tide of battle and eliminate high-priority targets.
  4. Environmental Interaction: Use the environment to your advantage. Trigger explosive barrels, activate turrets, and utilize environmental hazards to weaken or eliminate enemies.
  5. Constant Improvement: Analyze your performance, learn from your mistakes, and adapt your strategies. Experiment with different builds, refine your tactics, and keep pushing your limits to become a dominant force in the Wastelands.

Neural Simulation

What is Neural Simulation?

Neural Simulation is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you progressively delve deeper into simulated environments, facing increasingly difficult enemies and environmental hazards. Each floor presents a unique set of challenges, requiring you to adapt your tactics and team composition on the fly.

Key Features:

  • Randomized Floors: Each run through the simulation is unique, with randomly generated layouts, enemies, and modifiers.
  • Synergy is Key: Team composition and skill combinations are crucial for success. Experiment with different Operatives and Neuronics builds to find the perfect synergy.
  • Strategic Resource Management: Make the most of limited resources like Presence, Energy, and consumables to overcome each floor’s obstacles.
  • Challenging Bosses: Each floor culminates in a boss fight, demanding precise timing, coordinated attacks, and skillful piloting.
  • Rich Rewards: Conquer the simulation and reap valuable rewards, including exclusive Operatives, high-tier gear, and rare resources.

Preparing for the Challenge:

  • Gear Up: Ensure your Operatives are equipped with Tier 5 gear and weapons. Prioritize sets that offer survivability and damage output.
  • Neuronics Specialization: Focus on specific skill branches for each Operative, maximizing their effectiveness. Consider mastery nodes for significant stat boosts.
  • Team Composition: Build a balanced team with diverse roles. Include DPS powerhouses, resilient tanks, and versatile support to handle any situation.
  • Stock Up: Stockpile consumables like Energy Drinks, Stim Packs, and Revive Drones to survive the simulation’s harsh conditions.

Conquering the Simulation:

  • Adapt and Improvise: Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the floor’s layout, enemies, and modifiers.
  • Prioritize Objectives: Focus on clearing enemies and completing objectives before exploring further. Rushing ahead can lead to disaster.
  • Resource Management: Use Presence and Energy efficiently, save consumables for critical moments, and utilize environment hazards to your advantage.
  • Master Combos: Chain your Operatives’ skills strategically to unleash devastating combos and dominate the battlefield.
  • Communication is Key: Coordinate with your teammates, call out enemy movements and abilities, and revive fallen comrades promptly.

Operative Growth and Logistics

Operative Growth:

  1. Leveling Up: Focus on consistently leveling your Operatives. Higher levels unlock new skills, stat boosts, and increased effectiveness in combat. Prioritize characters you frequently use and those crucial to your team composition.
  2. Neuronics Specialization: As your Operatives level up, invest in their Neuronics skill trees. Choose a specialization that aligns with their strengths and desired role (DPS, tank, support). Consider mastering core skills for significant stat enhancements.
  3. Exemplar Shards: These rare resources unlock powerful Exemplar skills for specific Operatives. Prioritize acquiring and equipping Exemplar skills that complement your chosen build and playstyle.
  4. Operative Fusion: Fusing duplicate Operative cards grants significant bonuses, including increased skill levels, stat boosts, and even unlocking new Ascension tiers. Strategically utilize fusion to elevate your core team.

Logistics (Gear):

  1. Gear Sets and Rarities: Equip your Operatives with powerful gear sets. As you progress, aim for Tier 4 and 5 sets like Amano Iato for DPS dominance or Heimdall for unmatched survivability.
  2. Weapon Fusion and Ascension: Focus on upgrading your primary and secondary weapons. Fuse duplicates to unlock new skills and enhance their effectiveness. Ascend your weapons to higher tiers for significant stat boosts and improved performance.
  3. Resonance and Implantation: Enhance your gear further through Resonance and Implantation. Resonance combines two pieces of the same set for bonus stats, while Implantation imbues gear with special chips for additional perks and abilities.
  4. Resource Management: Wisely manage your resources like SilverBucks and Weapon EXP materials. Prioritize upgrading gear for your main squad and utilize farmable resources like Underground Bir Shop items to supplement your arsenal.

Furnishing and Affinity

Function and Flair: Don’t just focus on aesthetics! Place crafting stations, resource collectors, and other functional objects to enhance your shelter’s utility. Upgrade your furniture’s level for increased benefits, like faster resource collection or improved morale buffs.


  1. Interacting with Operatives: Spend time with your Operatives in your Shelter. Gift them items they like, talk to them, and complete special Affinity missions to unlock their unique stories and deepen your connection.
  2. Boosting Stats and Unlocking Perks: Each Operative’s Affinity level grants stat bonuses and unlocks exclusive perks that benefit both them and your entire team. Focus on building strong bonds with your key squad members for significant gameplay advantages.

Echo System and Resource Management

Echo System:

  • Echo Cores: Scattered throughout the Wastelands, these pulsating nodes are the lifeblood of the Echo System. By interacting with them, you earn Echo Points, the primary currency used for various activities.
  • Echo Resonance: Linking nearby Echo Cores creates resonances, amplifying Echo Point gain and unlocking bonus objectives. Strategically connecting Cores is key to efficient resource gathering.
  • Decay and Restoration: Over time, Echo Cores weaken and lose their potency. Repairing them with Repair Kits restores their functionality and prevents resource depletion.
  • Echo Buffs and Hazards: Be mindful of environmental hazards and Echo Buffs surrounding Cores. Buffs offer temporary advantages, while hazards hinder resource collection.

Resource Management Strategies:

  • Prioritize Echo Cores: Focus on clearing areas near Echo Cores and activating resonances early in missions. This maximizes your Echo Point gain throughout the encounter.
  • Invest in Repair Kits: Dedicate a portion of your resources to acquiring Repair Kits. Maintaining active Echo Cores is crucial for long-term resource sustainability.
  • Diversify Resource Acquisition: Don’t solely rely on Echo Cores. Participate in daily missions, complete Operations, and explore the Underground Bir Shop for alternative resource streams.
  • Strategic Spending: Prioritize crucial upgrades like Operative EXP, Weapon EXP, and valuable gear enhancements before indulging in purely cosmetic purchases.
  • Guild Trade Network: Utilize your Guild’s Trade Network to exchange resources with fellow members, fostering community cooperation and ensuring everyone thrives.

Shop and Resource Allocation


  • Underground Purge Shop: Your portal to acquiring powerful Operatives like Navigator, Mizuho, and Usha. Prioritize acquiring these top-tier characters when fragments become available.
  • Featured Weapon Shop: This daily-refreshing haven offers valuable 4-star weapons for purchase. Analyze your team’s needs and capitalize on deals that complement your chosen builds.
  • Black Market and Auction House: These dynamic marketplaces offer rare Operatives, equipment, and crafting materials. Approach them strategically, utilize SilverBucks wisely, and leverage player auctions for unique opportunities.
  • Underground Bir Shop: Your go-to for weapon and logistics upgrades. Focus on acquiring and ascending Tier 5 equipment for maximum effectiveness.
  • Daily Shop: Don’t underestimate the humble Daily Shop. It offers valuable materials, EXP boosters, and even Operative fragments at a refreshingly affordable price.

Resource Allocation :

  • Prioritize Operatives: Focus on investing in your core team, unlocking and leveling up Operatives that synergize well and complement your preferred playstyle.
  • Weapon Focus: Allocate resources towards weapon acquisition and ascension based on your chosen builds. Prioritize weapons that unlock powerful skills and complement your Operatives’ strengths.
  • Logistics Matters: Don’t neglect your gear! Upgrade your Logistics sets to Tier 5, prioritizing pieces that offer significant stat boosts and suit your desired combat roles.
  • Material Management: Plan your material usage efficiently. Utilize Operations and Syndicated Missions to farm specific resources, and avoid depleting your reserves on unnecessary upgrades.
  • SilverBucks are King: Spend SilverBucks cautiously. Prioritize Operative fragments, valuable weapon purchases, and essential material bundles. Resist impulse buys and focus on long-term investments.

This vast post-apocalyptic expanse may seem daunting, but remember, within you lies the potential to become a legend. By wielding the knowledge in this guide, honing your skills, and adapting to the ever-changing wasteland, you can carve your own path to survival and dominance.