Echocalypse: Fast Progression Tips for Beginners

The crimson sky bleeds onto rusted towers, the wind whispers secrets of mutants and machines, and within you, a spark of Echo ignites. Welcome to Echocalypse, a wasteland where humanity clings to survival, and you, aspiring Echo, hold the key: your choices. it requires cunning, strategy, and a dose of fast progression!

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to conquer the wasteland and leave your mark on Echocalypse. From efficient resource management to tactical team building, we’ll unravel the secrets of rapid advancement, turning you from a fledgling Echo into a force to be reckoned with.

In-Game Reminders and Daily Tasks


The bell icon, ever-present at the top of your screen, beckons you to heed its call. This is your gateway to unfinished content and expiring events. Each notification whispers, “Don’t forget about me!” and points you towards resources, rewards, and activities waiting to be claimed.

Here’s how Reminders can elevate your game:

  • Never Miss Expiring Gifts: Time-limited login rewards, event milestones, and achievement bonuses have expiration dates. Reminders ensure you grab these goodies before they vanish into the aether.
  • Stamina Overflow, Nevermore: Stamina, your fuel for Agent training and exploration, needs careful management. Reminders prevent it from reaching its cap, letting you maximize your training efficiency.
  • Resource Restock Alert: Don’t let vital resources like Gold, Soulstones, and Enhancement Materials languish capped. Reminders keep you informed, allowing you to strategically spend or invest as soon as they replenish.
  • Event Participation Made Easy: With so many events running concurrently, it’s easy to lose track. Reminders keep you in the loop, ensuring you participate in daily challenges, collect event tokens, and reap the exclusive rewards before time runs out.

Daily Tasks:

Beyond the proactive bell, Daily Tasks offer a structured path to steady progress. These simple, achievable objectives refresh every day, rewarding you for engaging with various aspects of the game. Completing tasks not only nets you valuable resources but also fuels your Echo Score, a measure of your dedication and a key to unlocking additional content.

Here’s how Daily Tasks can propel you forward:

  • Habit-Building for Success: Consistent engagement with Daily Tasks becomes second nature, forming healthy habits that contribute to long-term growth.
  • Balanced Agent Development: The tasks encourage diverse activities, pushing you to train different Agents, explore various missions, and experiment with strategies, ensuring a well-rounded team.
  • Resource Stockpiling: Completing tasks showers you with Gold, Soulstones, and Enhancement Materials, steadily building your reserves for future upgrades and Agent advancement.
  • Echo Score Climb: Each completed task contributes to your Echo Score, granting access to advanced Echo stages, challenging missions, and exclusive rewards.

Mastering the Flow:

In-Game Reminders and Daily Tasks work best in concert. Reminders nudge you towards unfinished business, while tasks offer a daily structure for steady growth. Think of Reminders as your proactive guide, highlighting opportunities, and Daily Tasks as your roadmap for consistent progress.

By leveraging these systems together, you can:

  • Optimize your play sessions: Focus on completing tasks while utilizing Reminders to claim expiring rewards and maximize resource usage.
  • Avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Stay informed about event deadlines and ensure you participate in the most beneficial activities each day.
  • Maintain a steady pace: Daily Tasks encourage consistent play, preventing long breaks that disrupt your momentum and resource accumulation.

The First Appearance Draws

First Appearance Draws are special banners featuring a newly released Echo (character). These banners usually have a higher chance of pulling the featured Echo compared to standard banners. Additionally, they often come with exclusive rewards like character shards, stigma (equipment), and even event-specific currency.

Key Considerations for Maximizing Draws:

  • Long-term viability: While the allure of the newest Echo is strong, remember to consider their long-term value. Will they remain relevant in the ever-evolving Echoverse? Analyzing their skills, synergy with existing characters, and overall role in the team composition is crucial.
  • Team composition: Think about the gaps in your current team and choose Echos that fill those needs. Do you lack a strong DPS (damage dealer), a dependable healer, or a versatile support? Prioritize draws that address these weaknesses.
  • Resource management: First Appearance Draws can be tempting, but spending recklessly can leave you depleted for future banners. Plan your pulls strategically, set spending limits, and only draw when you have enough resources to reach the desired pity level (the guaranteed pull at a certain number of draws).
  • Character synergy: Consider how the new Echo interacts with your existing team. Do their skills complement each other? Will they create powerful combos or cover each other’s weaknesses? Building a cohesive team is key to success.

Pro Tips for Savvy Echoseekers:

  • Check the tier list: Before diving into a draw, consult tier lists and community discussions to gauge the new Echo’s performance and potential. This can help you make informed decisions about your pulls.
  • Utilize free pulls and events: Many First Appearance Draws offer free pulls or discounted rates during their initial launch period. Take advantage of these opportunities to snag valuable characters without emptying your wallet.
  • Save for pity: Unless you’re a lucky gambler, aiming for the pity level guarantees you the featured Echo within a certain number of pulls. This can save you precious resources in the long run.
  • Be patient and strategic: Don’t get swept away by the hype! Patience and strategic planning are key to maximizing your First Appearance Draws. Wait for the right banner, manage your resources wisely, and prioritize Echos that will truly benefit your team.

Build an Effective Squad

Understanding Roles:

The foundation of any strong squad lies in a balanced composition. Familiarize yourself with the core roles:

  • Damage Dealers (DDs): These are your offensive powerhouses, responsible for decimating enemy ranks. They come in various flavors, from single-target specialists like Fenriru to potent AOE nukers like Hecate.
  • Healers: Keeping your team alive is crucial, and that’s where Healers come in. Characters like Sharona and Nanami provide direct healing and HP buffs, ensuring your squad stays in the fight.
  • Supports: These versatile allies offer a range of buffs, debuffs, and utility skills. Some, like Nicole and Eirene, provide defense buffs and crowd control, while others, like Astrid, manipulate energy flow for faster skill usage.
  • Tanks: Drawing enemy fire and soaking up damage is the Tank’s duty. Consider sturdy units like Paloma and Sihosu to hold the frontline.

Synergy is Key:

A well-composed squad isn’t just about individual roles; it’s about how they work together. Here are some synergy tips:

  • Elemental Combos: Exploit elemental weaknesses for bonus damage. For example, a Fire team can melt Ice enemies.
  • Skill Chaining: Combine skills that trigger additional effects when used in sequence.
  • Buff Stacking: Layer buffs from different units to maximize their impact.

Team Building Strategies:

Once you understand roles and synergy, you can start building your squad. Here are some common strategies:

  • Balanced Team: This versatile option includes one character from each core role, making it well-rounded for most challenges.
  • Focus Team: Center your squad around a specific theme, like Elemental synergies or maximizing a single DD’s output.
  • Niche Team: Tailor your team for specific challenges, like boss fights or PVP matchups.


  • Experiment and have fun! There’s no single “best” team composition. Try different combinations and find what works best for you.
  • Invest in your squad. Level up your characters, upgrade their equipment, and unlock their skills to unleash their full potential.
  • Stay informed! The meta evolves, so keep up with community discussions and guides to adapt your strategies.

With these tips and a little experimentation, you’ll be building unstoppable squads and conquering the wastelands of Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant in no time!

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to enemy compositions and adjust your team accordingly.
  • Utilize Formation options to optimize your squad’s positioning.
  • Don’t neglect Bond levels for additional stat bonuses and story interactions.
  • Consider using guest characters to fill temporary gaps in your roster.

Mastering the Link System

Understanding the Link:

  1. Resonance and Compatibility: Each Exalted possesses a unique Echo Resonance, attuning them to specific Echoes. Compatibility is crucial, as a discordant link can be crippling, even fatal. Seek Echos that resonate with your personality and fighting style.
  2. Synchronization Depth: The Link’s strength is measured in Synchronization Depth. Higher depths unlock new Echo abilities and enhance existing ones. Deepening the Link requires trust, shared experiences, and overcoming challenges together.
  3. Echo Divergence: As Exalted progress, their Echos can diverge, evolving into specialized forms. Choose the divergence that best suits your combat needs and playstyle, whether it be raw offensive might, tactical support, or unyielding defense.

Mastering the Dance:

  1. Echo Arts: These devastating skills are unleashed through the Link, fueled by shared willpower. Mastering your Echo’s Arts requires understanding their intricacies and timing them perfectly to maximize impact. Practice makes perfect, Exalted!
  2. Link Resonance: Pushing the Link to its limits unleashes Resonance Bursts, temporary power surges that can turn the tide of battle. Time these bursts wisely, for overexertion can lead to Link Strain, a debilitating condition.
  3. Harmony: True mastery lies in achieving Harmony with your Echo. This perfect synchronization grants Exalted unparalleled power and control. Striving for Harmony is a lifelong journey, demanding constant communication and understanding with your Echo.

The Combat Gear System

Types of Combat Gear

There are four main types of combat gear:

  • Weapons: These determine your Kemono girl’s primary attack type and damage output.
  • Armor: This increases your Kemono girl’s defense and survivability.
  • Accessories: These provide additional stats and bonuses, such as increased critical hit chance or elemental damage.
  • Artifacts: These are powerful items that can dramatically alter your Kemono girl’s abilities.

How to Get Combat Gear

Combat gear can be obtained in a variety of ways, including:

  • Gacha: This is the primary way to obtain new and powerful combat gear. You can use gacha tickets or diamonds to pull from the gacha pool.
  • Events: Many events in the game will reward you with combat gear.
  • Crafting: You can craft certain pieces of combat gear using materials that you can obtain through gameplay.
  • Shop: You can purchase some combat gear from the in-game shop using diamonds.

Equipping Combat Gear

Each Kemono girl has a limited number of equipment slots. You can equip different pieces of combat gear to these slots to customize her stats and abilities.

Upgrading Combat Gear

You can upgrade your combat gear to increase its level and stats. This will require using materials that you can obtain through gameplay.

Using Combat Gear Strategically

The combat gear system is a powerful tool that can be used to create strong and versatile teams. Here are a few tips for using combat gear strategically:

  • Consider your Kemono girl’s role: Each Kemono girl has a different role in battle, such as attacker, defender, or healer. Choose combat gear that complements her role.
  • Synergy is key: Some pieces of combat gear have synergy with each other, meaning they provide bonus effects when used together. Try to create sets of gear that synergize well.
  • Don’t neglect upgrades and enchants: Upgrading and enchanting your combat gear is essential for staying competitive in the late game.

Mastering Artifacts


There are three main types of artifacts in Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant:

  • Weapons: These are your bread-and-butter combat tools, each with unique stats and skills that can drastically alter your playstyle.
  • Stigmas: These equippable items imbue you with passive bonuses and abilities, enhancing your overall stats and strategic options.
  • Memories: These consumable artifacts grant temporary buffs and effects, perfect for popping during boss fights or challenging encounters.

Artifact Enhancement

Each artifact can be enhanced in a number of ways to increase its power and effectiveness. The primary method of enhancement is through ascension, which involves feeding the artifact specific materials and currency. Ascension raises the artifact’s level, unlocking new skill slots and boosting its base stats.

Artifacts can also be imprinted with special sigils that grant additional stat bonuses or unique effects. Sigils are obtained through various means, such as completing quests, defeating bosses, or participating in events.

Finally, artifacts can be resonated with other artifacts of the same type. Resonance grants a bonus to both artifacts’ stats, making it a valuable tool for min-maxing your build.

Building a Synergistic Loadout

The key to mastering artifacts in Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant is to build a loadout that synergizes effectively. Consider the following factors when choosing your artifacts:

  • Your Playstyle: Do you prefer to be a tanky frontline fighter, a nimble ranged attacker, or a supportive healer? Choose artifacts that complement your preferred combat style.
  • Team Composition: If you’re playing with a team, consider how your artifacts can work together to create powerful combos and buffs.
  • Encounter Type: Different challenges call for different tools. Adapt your artifact loadout based on the enemies you’re facing and the objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Tips for Mastering Artifacts

  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of artifacts and find what works best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mastering artifacts.
  • Farm for Materials: Artifact enhancement requires a steady supply of materials. Make sure you’re farming dungeons, completing bounties, and participating in events to gather the resources you need.
  • Join a Guild: A strong guild can provide you with valuable advice and support as you master the art of artifacts.


Echocalypse isn’t just a game; it’s a journey of survival, strategy, and community. By following these tips, you can navigate the wasteland with confidence, build a formidable team, and leave your mark on this post-apocalyptic world. Remember, the key to fast progression lies not just in resource management and powerful Echos, but in your dedication, adaptability, and willingness to learn. So, raise your weapons, sharpen your minds, and embrace the echoes of your destiny.