Reroll Guide and Tier List for Mastery in Echocalypse

Start as Guest

In the ethereal realms of Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant, your journey commences with a pivotal choice—signing in as a guest. This seemingly inconspicuous decision unfolds into a crucial step for rerolling, endowing you with the power to reset your progress without casting a shadow over a linked account.

Farming and Leveling

The initial gameplay unfolds in a symphony of tutorial battles, a customary rite of passage in the universe of mobile gacha games. As the gears of the tutorial machinery churn, guiding you through the intricate mechanics, prepare to embrace the essence of your newfound adventure.

Start Gameplay

Sculpting Your Avatar

The cosmic ballet leads you to a moment of introspection—choosing the gender of your avatar. Amidst the introductory dance, this decision is purely cosmetic, an artistic stroke that leaves no imprint on the orchestration of gameplay mechanics or the unfolding drama of rerolls.

Choosing and Leveling Up Your Avatar

The strategic ascent to Level 20 beckons, a goal that transforms your avatar into a beacon of potential. Beyond the mere numerical milestone, Level 20 acts as a gateway, unlocking features of cosmic importance, including access to higher-tier recruitment materials that serve as the lifeblood of effective rerolling.

Complete Stages

Navigate the stage completion saga with the finesse of a cosmic dancer, traversing the realms up to 1-24. This odyssey not only bestows levels upon your avatar but also bequeaths a trove of resources essential for the grand tapestry of rerolling. Invest an hour, an offering to the cosmic clock, ensuring an abundant reserve for the summoning symphony that lies ahead.

Increase Efficiency

As the cosmic gardener, tend to your efficiency in completing stages. Focus on objectives with the precision of a starlight arrow, leveraging any beginner-friendly features bestowed upon you by the game’s cosmic benevolence. Watch over your resources as a celestial guardian, efficiently managing your earnings to reach the desired summoning crescendo during the rerolling opus.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Before the realms of Echocalypse unfold, players who foresaw the excitement and signed up before the official release are bestowed with pre-registration rewards. These treasures, often bestowed upon pioneers, encompass a trove of in-game riches — be it currency, exclusive items, or even coveted characters. A bounty awaits those who chose foresight over hesitation.

Impact on Rerolling

Among the treasures lies a currency that holds the power to reshape your destiny within Echocalypse. Pre-registration rewards frequently shower players with summon currency, an invaluable resource for the discerning reroller. In this realm, currency equates to summon attempts, and each attempt is a step closer to securing high-tier characters that will define your saga.

Timing Your Rerolls

In the art of rerolling, timing is everything. If the coveted pre-registration rewards are yet to grace your inventory, consider the wisdom in delaying your rerolling efforts. Patience becomes a strategic ally, for once these rewards materialize, the gacha becomes a more bountiful well to draw from.

Waiting for the opportune moment, when the coffers are filled with pre-registration riches, proves to be a time-efficient gambit. It’s a calculated pause that transforms into additional summon chances, sparing you the grind that might otherwise be necessary. In the grand tapestry of Echocalypse, timing becomes a dance, and every step could lead to a more prosperous summoning spree.

The Art of Resource Optimization: Making Each Reroll Count

As the rewards beckon from the horizon, the seasoned player recognizes the value in resource optimization. Waiting for the opportune moment to reroll, armed with pre-registration riches, ensures that each summon attempt carries the weight of potential success. It’s not just about quantity but about transforming each roll into a strategic maneuver that elevates your chances of commanding high-tier characters.

Rerolling for Top-Tier Units

Eriri: The Healing Virtuoso

Eriri emerges as a beacon among starting healers, showcasing unrivaled prowess that extends well into the mid-game and beyond. Known for her masterful healing abilities, Eriri stands as a linchpin in sustaining your team’s vitality. Her strategic presence ensures your squad remains resilient, making her an invaluable asset in the quest for dominance.

Senko: The Dual-Wielding Dynamo

In the realm of physical damage, Senko stands tall, wielding dual blades with finesse. What sets her apart is a built-in lifesteal mechanic, forging a delicate balance between offense and defense. Senko becomes a force to be reckoned with, not only dealing significant damage but also ensuring her survival through the art of lifesteal—a true dual-wielding dynamo.

Snezhana: The Frosty Sorceress

Snezhana, the frosty sorceress, commands the arcane arts to deliver substantial magic damage. Her prowess shines particularly bright against front-row adversaries, freezing them in their tracks. A unique twist to her abilities unfolds when an ally takes control, amplifying her damage output in specific scenarios. Snezhana dances on the icy edge of magical supremacy.

Iori: Back-row Guardian and Sustainer

Distinguished in her role, Iori takes up the mantle of healing and shielding back-row allies. This sets her apart from front-row healers like Eriri, showcasing a strategic diversity that proves invaluable. Iori’s presence ensures the protection and well-being of those in the backline, contributing to a well-balanced team dynamic.

The Elite SSR Lineup

As you ascend the echelons of power, the SSR units become the crown jewels of your roster. Let’s explore the cream of the crop, each unit a powerhouse in its own right.

Fenriru: The Inevitable Force

Fenriru, a force to be reckoned with, graces your roster through the seven-day check-in, rendering her unnecessary as an initial reroll target. Her prowess lies in unleashing high physical damage, a relentless assault that remains effective from the game’s inception to the grand finale. Fenriru, the inevitable force, dominates the battlefield with unwavering might.

Yulia, Kiki, and Deena: The Selective Trio

In the realm of selectivity, Yulia, Kiki, and Deena emerge as potent options available in the selector. Their formidable might and strategic prowess make them worthy additions to your squad. However, for efficiency in initial rerolls, consider reserving your focus for other elite units, as these formidable characters await your deliberate selection.

Niz: The Frosty Strategist

Niz, a strategic genius, freezes enemies with precision, gaining a tactical advantage in controlling the battle’s tempo. Beyond her frosty tactics, Niz boasts formidable damage-dealing capabilities, making her a versatile contender across various game modes. As a frosty strategist, Niz becomes a key player in orchestrating victories on the battlefield.

Audrey: The Rage Accelerator

In the symphony of team actions, Audrey takes center stage with her skill in adding rage to all allies. This accelerates the tempo of battles, making her an indispensable support character in any team composition. Audrey’s strategic influence extends across diverse scenarios, solidifying her role as a vital catalyst for victory.

Mori: The Singular Assassin

Mori, a master of high single-target damage, assumes the mantle of the singular assassin. Her expertise becomes paramount in toppling powerful bosses and key enemies. As battles escalate in intensity, Mori stands as a formidable force, ensuring that high-value targets succumb to her precision and might.

Aiken: The Crowded Battle Virtuoso

In the cacophony of crowded battle scenarios, Aiken emerges as a virtuoso with the rare and highly valuable trait of damaging all enemies with bonus true damage. Her skills unlock the potential for damage stacking, progressively making her more effective as battles unfold. Aiken, with her unique prowess, becomes a beacon of devastation in the chaos of crowded encounters.

The Rerolling Process

Rerolling Goal

At the heart of rerolling lies a singular objective: acquiring high-tier characters, particularly those elusive SSRs, or securing a specific desirable character that will fortify your starting lineup. This pursuit is not merely a whimsical endeavor but a strategic move to elevate your early game experience, ensuring smoother progression and heightened enjoyment in the realms of Echocalypse.

Initial Steps

After the curtains rise on your Echocalypse adventure, your initial summons become a crucial performance. If the outcome falls short of your expectations, the stage is set for the rerolling ballet. Here, the decision to sign in as a guest becomes a tactical advantage. To reroll, gracefully exit your guest account, pirouette into the creation of a new guest account, effectively birthing a fresh gaming persona.

Rerolling Efficiency

In the intricate dance of efficient rerolling, precision is key. Decide in advance the characters that adorn your aspirations. This foresight becomes your compass, guiding the pivotal decision of when to cease the mesmerizing dance of rerolls. Strive for a balance of ambition and practicality; sometimes, settling for a robust set of SR characters can be a more grounded choice than an endless pursuit of a specific SSR.

Multiple Rerolls

The rerolling symphony may demand an encore or two before you find your desired characters taking center stage. Be prepared for a potentially time-consuming performance, and set a limit on the number of encores to avoid the burnout crescendo. Patience becomes your virtuoso skill in this orchestration of attempts, each contributing to the harmonious composition of your starting lineup.

Securing Progress

When the rerolling performance finally garners a standing ovation, it’s time to secure your progress. Bind your account to Google, Facebook, Twitter, or GTarcade—a symbolic act of preserving the applause-worthy characters and progress. Elevate from the ephemeral grace of a guest account to the enduring security of a linked account, ensuring that your hard-earned achievements remain immortalized in the Echocalypse saga.

Moving Forward

With the standing ovation echoing in the background, the final act commences—moving forward. Start building and leveling up your team, each character a note in the symphony of your success. Focus on the characters you’ve gracefully obtained through rerolling, maximizing their potential as you conduct the orchestra of strategic gameplay. Rerolling may gift you a strong start, but the opus of long-term success in Echocalypse unfolds through the continuous refinement of your team, the true architects of your epic tale.

The Tier List

Building an elite team in Echocalypse goes beyond the pursuit of top-tier characters. Synergy is the key—the intricate dance of skills, attributes, and roles that transforms a group of heroes into an unstoppable force. The tier list serves as a navigational guide, helping you chart a course through the vast ocean of possibilities.

The Must-Have Tier: Where Power Resides

Audrey: The Strategic Maestro Audrey, a maestro in strategic warfare, introduces herself as a must-have in the initial stages. Beyond her prowess in Abyssal Dive, Audrey’s silence-inducing auto-attacks and rage manipulation skills become invaluable assets in prolonged battles. Her mix of offensive and defensive capabilities makes her a versatile asset, transcending limitations across various content types.

Pan Pan: The Shielding Sentinel Meet Pan Pan, the shielding sentinel who can tip the scales in PvP scenarios. Beyond her remarkable shielding abilities, Pan Pan’s role as a tank brings a crucial layer of protection to your team. With a toolkit that includes debuffs and damage reduction, she becomes the linchpin of both offensive and defensive strategies.


Fenriru: Fenriru, the crowd control maestro, excels in unleashing havoc upon multiple enemies simultaneously. Despite any nerfs, her enduring potency in terms of damage output makes her a formidable force. As a freely accessible character, Fenriru blesses players with her might, further enhanced by her free link that amplifies synergy within the team.

Firentia: Firentia takes center stage in burn teams, unleashing significant damage over time upon enemies. Tailored to enhance and exploit burn effects, she assumes the role of the primary damage dealer in burn-focused strategies. Firentia’s impact on overall damage output makes her an indispensable asset in teams emphasizing fiery tactics.

Horus: Horus, a specialist in penetrating defenses, inflicts double damage on armor-broken enemies. As her star levels rise, so does her potential for critical hit damage, amplifying her overall damage output. Masters of Echocalypse understand the conditions necessary to unlock Horus’s full damage potential, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Aiken: Aiken, the virtuoso of critical hits, thrives on dealing massive damage. Her additional damage against weakened foes adds a finishing touch to her strategic toolkit. Aiken’s counter to burn team strategies grants a tactical edge in specific PvP scenarios, showcasing her versatility in diverse battle scenarios.


Vivi: Vivi, a master in manipulating rage dynamics, assumes a crucial role in turn-based strategy. Her Silent Immunity passive enhances team resilience against silence effects, contributing to overall team performance. Vivi’s presence becomes indispensable in team compositions where effective rage management holds the key to victory.

Set: Set, the stalwart guardian, emerges as the primary protector of your team. Her tanking abilities gain remarkable effectiveness at higher star levels, making her an enduring force in battles requiring resilience against prolonged enemy assaults.

Regina: Regina, the burn strategist, brings her skills to complement primary burn damage dealers. Buffing her own dodge and pierce rates, Regina’s balanced offensive and defensive capabilities make her a wise choice for both offense and defense in burn-focused teams.

Zawa: Zawa, a virtuoso in applying debuffs, weakens enemy defenses and disrupts their offensive capabilities. Beyond her debuffing prowess, Zawa contributes significantly to the overall damage output of the team, making her an invaluable asset in various game modes.

Shiyu: Shiyu, the burn maestro, ensures the consistent reapplication of burn effects on enemies in burn-focused teams. Her ability to revive allies adds a layer of survivability, solidifying her position as a must-have in strategies centered around burn tactics.

Yulia: Yulia, the taunting ice queen, steps into the role of a semi-tank, absorbing damage and protecting allies. Her freezing skill becomes a game-changer in both PvP and PvE scenarios, offering a strategic advantage when positioned strategically within the team lineup.

Nephthys and Deena:Nephthys and Deena, the healing harmonizers, contribute to the team’s offensive capabilities and provide essential healing support. Their abilities to remove debuffs enhance team resilience, crucial for maintaining health in prolonged battles.

B-Tier: Gems in the Rough

Wadjet: Wadjet, the force multiplier, excels in applying armor break—essential when paired with characters like Horus who capitalize on armor-broken enemies. Reducing enemies’ defense and damage reduction, Wadjet becomes a force multiplier for damage-focused characters, making her a strategic pick in teams emphasizing high burst damage.

Kiki: Kiki, an investment-driven attacker, inflicts considerable damage, with her effectiveness increasing significantly with higher investment. Lowering enemies’ defense and critical resistance, Kiki becomes a long-term development character, unlocking her full potential over time.

Gryph: Gryph, a contributor to burn-focused teams, brings decent damage and debuff capabilities to the table. Her straightforward skill set makes her an easy incorporation into teams without complex strategies.

Mori: Mori, the single-target specialist, excels in dealing damage to individual targets. Her skill set becomes particularly effective in modes like Host Purification, where focusing down


Echocalypse demands not just courage, but also a strategic approach to forging your path to victory. Rerolling, though time-consuming, unveils itself as a key strategic maneuver to secure an enviable start in this gaming saga.

This comprehensive guide unveils the roadmap to not just a strong beginning but a commanding entry into the realm of Echocalypse. Each step is meticulously designed to elevate your chances of securing high-tier characters right from the inception of your journey.

As you delve into the intricacies of this guide, you’ll unlock the secrets to harnessing the raw power of Echocalypse’s apex units. These top-tier champions are not just tools for battle; they are the architects of your triumphs in both the competitive PvP arenas and the challenging PvE battlegrounds.

Patience becomes your ally in this strategic endeavor. As you navigate the complexities of rerolling, remember that each summon brings you closer to assembling a team that will stand unrivaled in the face of challenges. May luck favor your summons, and may the echoes of your success resonate throughout the Scarlet Covenant.