I’m going to be honest. I never thought Honai Starl would release a character named Dr. Ratio, who quite literally throws up the L plus ratio hand sign at his enemies. But if that was hard to believe, would you also believe that he’s free? Yes, Dr. Ratio is their very first free five-star limited character following the path of the hunt while utilizing the imaginary element.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. He has to be bad because he’s free, right? Wrong. His kit is surprisingly loaded, boosting his crit rate and damage beyond belief. In this video, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about our Alabaster head friend, including his best light cones, traces to prioritize, relics to build, notable eidolons, and of course, team comps.

Light Cones

Starting off with light cones, we obviously have a signature five-star, which is pretty stacked in terms of stats. So off the bat, you’re immediately gaining 20% more crit damage, which is great. But that’s not even all. Because for every debuff on the enemy target, DW’s crit damage will increase by a further 8%, which can stack up to three times, by the way. So we’re looking at a total of 24% additional crit damage, plus the 20% initial crit damage for whopping up 44% more crit damage just for having the light cone.

And that’s not even all. When using their ultimate to attack an enemy target, the wearer is going to be receiving an effect called disputation, which not only increases their damage dealt by 36%, but also enables their follow-up attacks to ignore 24% of the target’s defense. So pretty much, this is built for Dr. Ratio because he does follow-up attacks, and I could also see this being great for Topaz. But this isn’t for Topaz. This is great for Dr. Ratio. So it’s honestly a solid pick.

As we all should know by now that defense ignorance is extremely valuable, and the LCOE itself seems pretty loaded anyways. So yeah, a great five-star option if you want to get your crit rate out of the way and focus solely on crit damage would be cruising in the Stellar C. You’re able to get this to S5 easily thanks to the herish shop. And with that, it provides 16% crit rate off the bat. If an enemy has HP less than or equal to 50%, you gain an additional 16% crit. You’re also able to gain attack percent whenever Dr. Ratio defeats an enemy. So that’s pretty good.

And if you want some quick numbers, this means you’re getting 12% from stat bonuses, 15% from bonus ability, 8% from Inert Salado or Rootin Larina depending on if you want to run either of those two, 10% from four-piece Wastelanders since Dr. Ratio does benefit from debuffed enemies anyways, and 16% from cruising. That’s already 61% crit rate without even taking relics into account. Make that 77 crit if that target enemy is below 50%. It’s pretty wild to think about. If you want to consider this as a viable option, and we’ll definitely get into the traces so you guys know what I’m talking about when it comes to those extra crit stats.

There’s also Sleep Like the Dead, which will give you a nice stat stick of 30% more crit damage should you go that route instead of the crit rate, especially considering Dr. Ratio provides a lot of crit already. As a top-tier four-star L cone option, the answer is and always will be Sword Play. It’s a great L cone to stick on any Hunt character. As for each time the RAR hits the same target, damage dealt increases by 8% and stacks up to five times. This is already 40% extra damage increase and can easily go up to 80% damage increase at an S5.

Only Silence Remains is also another four-star L cone that doesn’t get too much love. I feel it’s a four-star L cone, so it’ll be easier to superimpose this. And when at S5, you’re gaining a total of 32% attack along with 24% more crit when there’s at least two or fewer enemies on the field. So honestly, this is going to suck if you’re facing an enemy that summons multiple units consistently, as you will be losing that crit rate bonus. But if you’re in the Memory of Chaos and up against the right boss or the right elite, Dr. Ratio may excel when using this. So do keep that in mind if you have a couple spare Only Silence Remains lying around.


Now let’s discuss Dr. Ratio’s traces because this is honestly where you start to realize how insanely stacked his kit truly is. Starting with what you should prioritize, I’d focus on his talent, which will definitely be his heavy hitter. So off the bat, Dr. Ratio will have a 40% fixed chance of launching a follow-up attack when using his skill. The best part about this is that you’re able to actually increase that fixed chance for each debuff the target enemy has, increasing by 20% per. You only need a measly three debuffs on the enemy to turn that into a 100% fixed chance.

Now the funny thing is that if you somehow killed this enemy before the talent could launch your follow-up attack, Dr. Ratio just does not care, all right? He’s still going to redirect that follow-up towards someone, meaning no one is left off the hook while he’s around. Secondly, I’d focus on his skill. His skill is pretty straightforward in that it just deals imaginary damage equal to a certain percentage of Dr. Ratio’s attack to a single target enemy. But remember, this is how you’re going to constantly spam those follow-up attacks for those heavy hits.

So nine times out of 10, you’re going to want to make sure you’re using his skill. Third trace to prioritize and focus on will be his ultimate that deals imaginary damage to a single target enemy while also applying something called Wise Man’s Folly. The neat thing about this is whenever an ally attacks that same target who is inflicted with it, Dr. Ratio gets to launch his talent follow-up attack against said enemy. Wise Man’s Folly can be triggered for up to two times and only affects the most recent target of Dr. Ratio’s Al, so keep that in mind. The count will also reset after using his alt, so definitely want to make sure you’re utilizing both of those follow-up attacks, which shouldn’t be too difficult anyway, right?

Lastly, I’d go for the basic attack, but in all honesty, since Dr. Ratio’s kit, as you can see, is playing off of his talent’s follow-up attacks, you really want to make sure you’re not basic attacking and instead using your skill as frequently as possible. So you could potentially just leave the basic attack at a lower level. I’ll leave that up to you.

Some major bonus abilities to unlock and pay attention to will be his first and probably his best, in my opinion, the summation ability. Whenever Dr. Ratio uses his skill, for every debuff on that target, his crit rate and crit damage will be increasing by 2.5% and 5%, respectively. Oh, and by the way, this can also stack up to six times. Come on now, that’s a whopping 15 crit rate and 30 crit damage total, assuming you’re able to stack six debuffs, which if you are pairing him with Silverwolf, there should be no problem to pull off. And we’ll get to the team comps later throughout this video as well, so stay tuned.

Next will be his dedication ability, where if dealing damage to a target that has three or more debuffs, damage dealt by Dr. Ratio to that target will increase by 10%, up to a max of 50%. This is yet again another reason why Silverwolf is going to shine, as she’s easily able to place multiple debuffs onto the enemy for Dr. Ratio’s benefit. To also help with this debuff application, we also have his last bonus ability called inference. When the skill is used to attack an enemy target, you have a 100% base chance to reduce the target’s effect res by 10% for two turns. It is nice that Dr. ISU also has something in his kit that can give you a plus one to the debuffs being placed onto the enemy, so we’ll take it.

And as for his stat bonuses, you’ll be receiving 12% additional crit rate for just unlocking all those stat bonuses. That’s 27 total crit rate with 30 crit damage just off of the traces alone. Let that sink in.


All right, so focusing on relics now. I honestly recommend the four-piece imaginary set, as you will be increasing your imaginary damage for the two-piece. And most importantly, you’ll be able to further increase your crit rate by 10% so long as the enemy is debuffed, which again, they should be since his kit revolves around that. Bonus points is you also get 20% more crit damage if you’re attacking imprisoned enemies. So pairing with Ruan May for easy breaks or Walt to imprison them, they also be smart.

As a secondary set, I can recommend would be a two-piece Wastelander and a two-piece Grand Duke. So you’re still benefiting from that imaginary damage bonus while also increasing the damage dealt by your follow-ups by 20%. And then moving over to the plar sets, you’ll thankfully be surprised at the vast amount of options you have to run with Dr. Ratio. So this chart you’re currently looking at is apparently pulled from Prideinn to calculate the exact damage numbers and damage loss depending on which set you decide to run. The good news, they’re all relatively around the same mark. Firmament is at the top if you’re hitting that 135 speed threshold with Space Ceiling Station and Inert Salado following immediately right after.

Now honestly, in my opinion, I’d go for any of these, whichever you have the better substats for because like I always say, substats over set bonus any day. Do not force a set bonus, especially if your substats are looking like flat defense and flat HP. Please, for me. I may go with the Inert Salado as it not only boosts my talent follow-up damage, which is basically Dr. Ratio’s whole stick, it also provides even more crit rate. So I can focus on building more speed and more crit damage. So win-win, right?

In terms of main stats, I’d go for crit damage for the body, since you’ll be able to gain a bunch of crit rate already thanks to his traces and bonus abilities. Then, of course, speed for the boots, imaginary damage for the orb, and attack percent for the robe. As for the substats, I’d focus on building any additional leftover crit you may need, which shouldn’t be too much. Heavy focus on crit damage since Dr. Ratio’s kit already provided quite a bit of crit rate for you, into speed and attack percent. Let me know down below which artifacts that you’ll be running on your Dr. Ratio, by the way. I’m curious.


Some notable eidolons, if you guys are thinking of rolling for them, especially since we already got him for free, so there might be some potential here. I want to start with what I believe may be one of his most busted, and that’s his E1. So it reads that his bonus ability summation will increase his stacks by four while immediately granting you four stacks as well. If you guys need a refresher, summation is the bonus ability which provides you crit and crit damage for every debuff the target has. This means you’ll be going up to 10 potential stacks total for a whopping 25 crit or 25% crit rate and 50% crit damage. Definitely think about running him with Silverwolf now.

If you get this right, his E2 is pretty neat as well, since when his talent follow-up attack hits a target and for every debuff that target has, you’ll be dealing additional damage. Plus, this effect can also be triggered for a maximum of four times during each follow-up attack. So more additional damage. E4 is simple yet strong, since whenever Dr. AIO’s talent gets triggered, he’s generating 15 more energy. That’s 30 guaranteed energy for his alt since it has two charges and an additional 15 per skill for 45 energy total. Seems great at cycling back to his quickly.

And finally, we have his E6, which increases the Wise Man’s Folly count for his alt by one. So you go from two stacks to three, meaning you also go from 30 easy energy back to 45 energy. Oh, and the talent’s follow-up attack also increases by 50%. So now imagine how much damage that follow-up attack is going to dish out. Honestly, I feel like E6 may be a bit overkill. So as a recommended stopping point, I personally enjoy his E1 the most, since you go from 15 crit and 30 crit damage to 25 crit and 50 crit damage overall. Really great.

Team Comps

Last but not least, we have Team comps. Now I’ve mentioned throughout this video of some use case scenarios for Mr. Dr. Ratio himself, but I’ll quickly throw some other units around and explain their use cases as well. So first up, like I’ve said, we’ve had SSW Silverwolf who is able to easily apply multiple debuffs onto the enemy. This will greatly benefit Dr. ISU, as not only is he a Hunt character and SSW can reduce the defense of a single target immensely, but DOIA will be gaining more crit and crit damage the more debuffs the target enemy has.

Plus the added bonus is that if an enemy isn’t weak to imaginary, SSW can help you out with that as well. So win-win-win. Secondly, we have Ruan May, who in all honesty is a great Harmony character in any team comp and will also shine with Dr. Ratio, as we can easily break the enemy’s toughness, imprisoning them, which will also count as a debuff and letting Dr. AIO benefit more from his four-piece imaginary set. AKA more crit damage. She also provides a damage increase, speed all-type penetration. Ruan May is just too good for everyone.

I mean, come on now. Third, we have Topaz who can inflict proof of debt status onto the target enemy, making them take increased damage from follow-up attacks. Pretty much every part of Dr. Ratio’s kit revolves around this, so it could literally be the Dr. Ratio show – having a field day with nothing but follow-up attacks. Sounds like a dream come true, in all honesty.

And then maybe other units like Walt, to easily imprison enemies for his four-piece Wastelander. Tenun for energy and damage, Ria, the list goes on. In all honesty, the team comp I’m going to personally run will probably be Dr. Ratio, SW Ruan, May, and then a sustained character. But I am really eager to try Dr. Ratio with Topaz, SW, and then another sustained character instead. Who knows, maybe in the future, we’ll have a sustained character that also benefits follow-up team comps. We’ll have to see, right? That would be very good for Dr. Ratio and Topaz, would it not?

Final Thoughts

But that’s pretty much it. That’s our entire Dr. Ratio guide. Definitely let me know which team comps and Relic sets you guys are going to be using on your Dr. Ratio, assuming you guys will build him. He’s definitely becoming one of my favorite characters, and I’m glad Honkai Styl gave him to us for free, especially with Pentacon in the next update. Thank God we’re able to save now, right?