Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is an action-packed mobile game that brings the popular Devil May Cry series to your fingertips. As you dive into the game, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different characters is crucial. Here’s a simple tier list to help you get started.

S-Tier: Dominators

These characters are the cream of the crop, excelling in both offense and defense. They have powerful moves and excellent combos. If you get your hands on an S-tier character, consider yourself lucky!

  1. Dante: The iconic demon hunter is a force to be reckoned with. His versatile moves and stylish combos make him a top pick. Rebellion roars, guns blaze, and the party starts! Dante’s electric arsenal stuns, juggles, and melts bosses with electrifying ease. Master his juggling combos and you’ll be dancing on demon skulls in no time.
  2. Vergil: Known for his swift swordplay, Vergil is a high-tier character. His teleportation skills and powerful attacks can overwhelm opponents. He who wields Yamato reigns supreme. Vergil’s raw damage output, teleporting mastery, and Judgement Cut’s sheer oomph make him a one-man demon decimator.

A-Tier: Solid Choices

A-tier characters are strong and reliable. They might lack a bit in certain areas, but they can still hold their own in battles.

  1. Nero: With his Devil Breaker arm and flashy sword skills, Nero is a solid A-tier choice. He’s great for players who like a balanced mix of offense and defense. Parry king. Royal Guard Dante punishes enemy attacks with devastating counters, turning defense into explosive offense. He’s not as flashy as other Dantes, but his precision and style points earned him his place.
  2. Lady: Armed with heavy weapons and firearms, Lady is a ranged powerhouse. Her A-tier ranking makes her a good pick for those who prefer attacking from a distance. Ice Queen cometh! Lady freezes enemies to the core with Artemis and Kalina Ann, then shatters them like icicles. Her combo potential is immense, and those stylish ice-spears, oh boy.
  3. Fists of Salvation (Dante): Brawl time! Dante throws down with Gilgamesh and Nevan, pummeling demons into oblivion. His close-quarters combos are satisfyingly brutal, and the punch-punch-GUNPOWDER explosion never gets old.

B-Tier: Average Performers

B-tier characters are decent but may have some limitations. They might lack the flashiness of higher-tier characters, but they can still get the job done.

  1. Spark Igniter (Lady): Lady gets fiery with Pandora’s devastating rockets and flamethrowers. She thrives on hit-and-run tactics, peppering demons with explosive bursts before melting them with incinerating combos.
  2. Devil Crusher (Vergil): Vergil unleashes the beast with Beowulf gauntlets. His charged punches pack a wallop, and the aerial rave party he throws with Beowulf’s Judgement is pure demon-crushing bliss.
  3. Nomadic Lightning (Vergil): Vergil takes to the skies with Yamato’s aerial combos. He’s like a lightning-wielding hummingbird, zipping in and out with electrifying slashes and chain attacks.

C-Tier: Challenging Picks

C-tier characters might struggle in certain aspects. They require a bit more effort to succeed, but with practice, you can still make them work.

  1. Swift Arsenal (Lady): Lady’s dual-pistol ballet needs more refinement. While her gunslinging is stylish, her damage output pales compared to other top contenders.
  2. Demon Hunter (Dante): This Dante packs a punch, but lacks the flashy combos and versatility of his other forms. He’s still a solid choice for beginners, but you’ll be craving more spice later on.

The tier list is a general guide, and personal preferences play a significant role in your enjoyment of the game. Experiment with different characters, find your playstyle, and have fun slashing through demons in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat!