How Do Speed Breakpoints Work in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail, where turn order reigns supreme, Speed isn’t just a stat, it’s a conductor orchestrating your team’s symphony of attacks and support. But harnessing its true power lies in understanding Speed breakpoints, thresholds where your character takes a significant leap in turn order, dictating the flow of battle. Let’s unravel the mysteries of these breakpoints and equip you to dominate the combat stage.

Turn Order and Speed Basics:

Imagine a bustling tavern, everyone jostling for a turn to tell their tale. That’s the essence of Honkai’s turn order. Each character has an Action Gauge (AG), starting at 10,000 points, that depletes as they wait for their turn. Speed determines how fast that gauge empties, with higher Speed meaning faster action.

But it’s not just about speed. Your Action Value (AV), calculated by dividing AG by Speed, is the real ticket to the front of the line. Lower AV means you act sooner. So, increasing Speed directly impacts your AV and turn order.

Key Concepts:

  • Action Gauge (AG): Starts at 10,000 and depletes as turns progress.
  • Speed: Determines how fast your AG depletes, impacting your turn order.
  • Action Value (AV): Calculated by dividing AG by Speed, determines your position in the turn order (lower AV acts first).
  • Turn Order: Characters with the lowest AV act first, then higher AVs until the AG depletes and refills, restarting the cycle.

Is Speed Worth It?

  • Dominate the Turn Order: Reaching key breakpoints like 121 SPD ensures you outpace most enemies, securing first strikes and activating Planetary Ornament buffs.
  • Hypercarry Heroes: Characters like March77 and Pardis shine at higher speeds, unleashing multiple turns of fury in the first cycle, ideal for clearing Memory of Chaos waves.
  • Enhanced Control: Predicting turn order allows you to manage Skill Points effectively, ensuring healers have SP when needed.

But Beware the Pitfalls:

  • Sacrifice at the Altar of Speed: Obsessively chasing breakpoints can come at the cost of neglecting crucial stats like attack or defense. A slow but sturdy tank might be more valuable than a fragile speed demon.
  • Diminishing Returns: Beyond certain thresholds, the benefits of increased Speed diminish, and investing in other stats might offer greater returns.
  • Team Synergy Matters: Not all characters crave speed equally. Support roles and tanks often prioritize other areas. Building a balanced team with diverse Speed distributions is key.

So, is Speed worth it? The answer is a resounding “it depends.” Analyze your team, enemies, and battle goals.

Characters That Want More/Less Than 120 Speed

Speed Demons Craving 120+:

  • March77: This whirling dervish of blades thrives on breakpoints like 134 SPD, unleashing a tempest of attacks twice in the first turn. Imagine an unstoppable force like this:
  • Pardis: With explosive power, Pardis detonates enemies before they can even react. Surpassing 120 SPD ensures critical detonations at crucial moments.
  • Seele: The agile dancer of death, Seele, manipulates turn order with precision. For her, even surpassing 121 SPD can mean landing debuffs or heals at the perfect time. Think of her like a phantom weaving through the battlefield:
  • Planetary Ornament Buffs: Some ornaments, like Fleet of the Ageless, offer powerful bonuses at 120 SPD. For characters relying on these buffs, reaching the threshold becomes essential.

Steady Steps Below 120:

  • Hua: The stalwart shield, Hua, prioritizes defense to soak up damage. Speed might be nice, but not at the expense of her survivability. Think of her as an immovable mountain:
  • April: The gentle grace of April ensures timely healing. She doesn’t need top speed, just enough to arrive when needed. Picture her like a calming melody amidst the chaos:
  • Echo: With her unique Echo Gauge, Echo’s optimal Speed range lies outside the 120 threshold. Analyze her mechanics and tailor her pace accordingly. Think of her as a conductor with her own rhythm:
  • Kafka: Kafka’s unique turn system means her ideal Speed might differ from the norm. Study her mechanics and find the tempo that allows her to shine. Think of her as a rogue dancer defying expectations

In-Depth Speed Guide

Speed breakpoints in Honkai: Star Rail are more than just arbitrary numbers. They’re the rhythmic shifts that dictate the flow of battle, the crucial turning points where your team seizes control or falls behind. This guide delves deeper, unveiling the intricacies of Speed beyond the basics:

Key Breakpoints:

  • 121 SPD: Surpass most common enemies, ensuring first strikes and activating 120 SPD buffs from Planetary Ornaments. Think of it as gaining the initiative.
  • 134 SPD: Double your actions in the first turn, ideal for hypercarries in Memory of Chaos. Imagine unleashing a devastating double whammy right out of the gate.
  • 143 SPD: Outpace even fast enemies and some bosses, guaranteeing dominance in specific scenarios. Think of it as becoming a blur of unstoppable force.

Beyond Thresholds:

  • Enemy Speed and AG Modifiers: Don’t be a slave to breakpoints. Analyze enemy Speed and modifiers like Advance Forward or Action Delay. Adjust your Speed accordingly to maintain control of the turn order. Think of it as a dynamic, strategic chess match.
  • Planetary Ornament Synergy: Some buffs benefit specific Speed ranges. Optimize your team’s Speed distribution to maximize synergy. Imagine combining your team’s speed into a crescendo of coordinated attacks.

Advanced Insights:

  • Action Order Ties: When characters have the same AV, turn order is randomly decided. Consider equipment and subcores that offer Speed substats to break ties in your favor. Think of it as a tactical tiebreaker.
  • Diminishing Returns: As Speed increases, the benefits become less impactful. Invest wisely, balancing Speed with other crucial stats like ATK or DEF. Think of it as finding the sweet spot for maximum effectiveness.


Speed breakpoints are powerful tools, but not magic wands. Mastering them requires a nuanced understanding of your team, enemies, and the battle’s flow. Experiment, analyze, and adapt. Remember, Speed is just one instrument in your tactical orchestra. Play it in harmony with your other stats and strategies, and you’ll conduct your team to victory with the grace of a true maestro.