Captain Tsubasa: Ace Reroll Guide & Tier List

Captain Tsubasa: Ace ignites the soccer fever with its thrilling gameplay, iconic characters, and electrifying Drive Shots. But for new players, navigating the gacha system and building the perfect team can be daunting. Fear not, aspiring champions! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to ace your rerolls and forge a dream team that dominates the pitch.

Rerolling Basics:

Rerolling, the act of creating new accounts to acquire desired characters, is crucial in Captain Tsubasa: Ace. However, before diving headfirst into the gacha abyss, understand the mechanics:

  • Rerolling Mechanism: Complete the tutorial and claim the initial rewards. Navigate to Settings and choose “Logout.” Create a new account (guest or Google account) and repeat the process.
  • Gacha System: Two types of pulls exist: red tickets for the standard pool and golden tickets for special banners. Both offer various rarities: R (common), SR (rare), and the coveted SSR (super rare).
  • Targeted Rerolling: Focus your rerolls on specific banners that feature characters you desire or ones that fill crucial gaps in your team.

Reroll Strategies:

  • Aim for Top-Tier SSRs: Certain SSRs like Hyuga, Misaki, and Jito boast game-changing abilities and incredible stats. Targeting them early on can give your team a significant advantage.
  • Don’t Ignore Guaranteed SSRs: Newcomer banners often guarantee an SSR on your first 30 pulls. While it might not be your top pick, it’s a valuable asset, especially early on.
  • Balance is Key: Don’t get caught up in star-studded forward lines. Prioritize building a balanced team with strong defenders, midfielders, and a reliable goalkeeper. Consider characters like Aoi Shingo and Ishizaki Genzo for their defensive prowess.
  • Consider Worthy SRs: While SSRs shine, don’t underestimate SRs. Characters like Sano Tsubasa and Tachibana Brothers can excel with proper training and skill development.
  • Know When to Stop: Rerolling can be time-consuming. Set a threshold for acceptable characters (e.g., one top-tier SSR or two strong SRs) and stick to it.

Resource Management:

Remember, resources like red and golden tickets are precious. Use them strategically:

  • Golden Tickets for Special Banners: Save these for banners featuring specific players you need to complete your team or limited-time characters.
  • Red Tickets for Filling Gaps: Use red tickets to acquire players for specific roles or skills you lack in your team.
  • Dream Coupons for Game-Changers: Hold onto these valuable tickets until you encounter a crucial missing piece or a limited-time SSR you absolutely need.

Tier List:

While tier lists can be subjective and evolve over time, here’s a general overview categorized by position to guide your rerolling and team building:


  • Top Tier: Kojiro Hyuga, Tsubasa Ozora, Misaki Tarō
  • Strong: Kazuo Tachibana, Hikaru Matsuyama, Wakatsuki Kenji


  • Top Tier: Jun Misugi, Genzō Wakabayashi, Shingo Aoi
  • Strong: Katsuma Aoi, Taro Misaki, Takeshi Sawamura


  • Top Tier: Hiroshi Jito, Ishizaki Genzo, Vulcan Fuego
  • Strong: Kazuo Tachibana, Misaki Tarō, Makoto Soda


  • Top Tier: Genzo Wakabayashi, Ricardo Miranda
  • Strong: Wakabayashi Genzō, Ken Wakashimazu

Remember: Tier lists are just a guide. Consider factors like your playstyle, team composition, and available resources when building your dream team.

Advanced Tips:

  • Utilize Training and Coaching: Invest in training specific characters to maximize their potential. Choose coaches that enhance their strengths or team attributes.
  • Master Skills: Understand the effects of different skills and equip them strategically. Unlocking and upgrading relevant skills can significantly boost your team’s performance.
  • Formation Flexibility: Experiment with different formations like 4-4-2, 3-5-2, or diamond midfield to find what suits your players’ strengths and the opponent’s style.
  • Adapt and Improvise: Don’t be afraid to change tactics and formations mid-match based on the flow of the game.


Conquering the field in Captain Tsubasa: Ace is a journey, not a destination. The reroll process serves as your first step, but the true challenge lies in crafting a cohesive team, perfecting your strategies, and adapting to your opponents. The thrill of a perfectly timed Drive Shot, the exhilaration of a last-minute goal, and the satisfaction of climbing the ladder, each victory earned through your dedication and strategic acumen.

So, champions-to-be, dive into the world of Captain Tsubasa: Ace! Experiment with rerolls, build your dream team, and unleash your inner Tsubasa on the pitch. Share your reroll successes and strategies in the comments below. Did you land that coveted Hyuga? Do you swear by Aoi’s defensive prowess? What formations and tactics fuel your victories? Let’s ignite the Captain Tsubasa: Ace community with our shared passion for the beautiful game!