Relic Farming in Honkai: Star Rail- Complete Guide

Relics in Honkai: Star Rail are crucial assets that significantly impact the strength and abilities of your Valkyries. Effective relic farming involves understanding key locations like the Cavern of Corrosion and the Simulated Universe, knowing how to unlock relics, and optimizing your relic farming strategies. This comprehensive guide will navigate commanders through the process of relic acquisition in Honkai: Star Rail. Fear not, Conductors, for this guide equips you with the know-how to navigate the relic-rich landscapes of the Cavern of Corrosion and the Simulated Universe with efficiency and cunning.

Gearing Up:

  • Trailblaze Level 40: Unlock Difficulty 3 in both Cavern and Universe for guaranteed Gold-rarity relics.
  • Identify Your Needs: Which characters and sets do you prioritize? Analyze their strengths and weaknesses before embarking on your farming venture.
  • Stamina Management: Stamina is precious, so plan your runs wisely. Consider focusing on two sets per area to increase drop rates.

Unveiling the Cavern’s Bounty:

  • Unlocking Difficulty: Trailblaze Level 40 grants access to Difficulty 3, your gateway to guaranteed Gold relics.
  • Charting Your Course: Each path within the Cavern offers two distinct relic sets. Check the information panel beforehand to ensure you’re heading towards the loot you crave.
  • Conquering the Depths:
    • Path of Gelid Wind: Ideal for Ice and Quantum characters, boasting impressive Attack and Crit Rate for DPS builds.
    • Path of Jabbing Punch: A haven for Physical hitters, with Attack and Crit DMG enhancements to pulverize foes.
    • Path of Drifting: Lightning’s playground, offering Energy Recharge and Elemental DMG Bonus for sustained attacks.
    • Path of Providence: Quantum characters rejoice! This path delivers Attack, Elemental DMG Bonus, and Elemental Penetration for devastating combos.
    • Path of Holy Hymn: Support characters shine here, gaining HP, Healing Bonus, and Defense to bolster your team’s resilience.
    • Path of Conflagration: Fire reigns supreme, granting Attack, Elemental DMG Bonus, and Burning DMG increases for fiery destruction.
    • Path of Elixir Seekers: A versatile option, providing HP, Defense, and Speed for diverse character builds.
    • Path of Darkness: For the shadowy specialists, this path offers Attack, HP, and Crit DMG to dominate from the shadows.

Exploring the Simulated Universe:

  • Worldly Wonders: Each World unlocks specific relic sets. Navigate to the World housing your desired gear for optimized farming.
  • Climbing the Ladder of Loot: Higher World difficulties offer better Gold relic drop rates. Choose wisely based on your team’s strength and stamina limitations.
  • Stage Focus: Similar to the Cavern, each stage within a World features two set options. Prioritize the stage that aligns with your relic goals.
  • World 3: Focus on Wanderer’s Troupe (Physical DPS) and Gambler’s Etude (Elemental Support).
  • World 4: Dive into Conductor’s Symphony (Elemental DMG) and Conductor’s Prelude (Elemental Support).
  • World 5: Unleash the power of Astral Mirage (Fire DPS) and Astral Traveler (Ice DPS).
  • World 6: Witness the might of Martial Dance (Physical DMG) and Martial Symphony (Physical Support).
  • World 7: Embrace the darkness with Shadowy Depths (Dark DPS) and Shadowy Whispers (Dark Support).
  • World 8: Ascend to the peak with Heavenly Melody (Lightning DPS) and Heavenly Chorus (Lightning Support).

Where to Find Your Relic Riches:

  • Cavern of Corrosion: Delve into these labyrinthine depths for guaranteed Gold-rarity relics at Difficulty 3 (requires Trailblaze Level 40). Different caverns offer two relic sets, so choose wisely!
  • Simulated Universe: Each World within the Universe holds a unique treasure trove of relic sets. Explore and conquer these simulated realms to target specific gear. Again, Difficulty 3 offers the best drop rates at Trailblaze Level 40.
  • Trailblaze Rewards: As you level up your Trailblaze Level, certain milestones reward you with relic pieces.
  • Special Currency Redeem: Earn Special Currency through quests, chests, and exploration. This currency can be redeemed for 4-star relic sets at designated merchants.
  • Crafting: Utilize the Synthesizer to transform unwanted relics into materials for crafting specific pieces you crave.

Farming Strategies for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Know Your Needs: Analyze your characters and prioritize the sets that complement their strengths and weaknesses. This helps you focus your farming efforts.
  • Team Composition: Build a team that excels in clearing the chosen Cavern or Universe stage quickly and efficiently. Consider burst damage, element synergies, and crowd control.
  • Stamina Management: Every run costs valuable Trailblaze Power. Plan your runs strategizing, focusing on two sets per area to increase drop rates.
  • Master the Clock: Optimize your team and tactics for swift victories. Remember, time is limited!
  • Boss Blessings: Certain Cavern bosses offer blessings that enhance specific relic stats. Utilize these to tailor your drops for better fit.
  • Off-Pieces Don’t Despair: Don’t be discouraged by off-pieces from different sets. They can still offer valuable sub-stats and contribute to your overall build.
  • Patience and Persistence: Relic farming is a journey, not a sprint. Stay focused, adapt your strategies, and don’t give up! The perfect relics await those who persevere.

Conquering the Cavern of Corrosion:

  • Delving into Difficulty: Choose Difficulty 3 for Gold relics and Difficulty 2 for specific set pieces you might have missed.
  • Navigating the Depths: Each Cavern offers two set options. Check the information panel before plunging in to ensure you’re targeting the right loot.
  • Mastering the Clock: Every run costs 40 Trailblaze Power. Optimize your team composition and strategy for smooth and swift victories.
  • Bosses and Blessings: Certain Cavern bosses offer unique blessings that enhance specific relic stats. Use this to your advantage to tailor your drops.

Conductors, relic farming is a dynamic dance of strategy and chance. This guide is your compass, but remain flexible and adapt to the ever-changing loot landscape. With dedicated efforts and a dash of luck, you’ll unlock the full potential of your characters and conquer the challenges of Honkai: Star Rail!